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    • The International Oil Summit is an annual gathering of Energy and Oil Ministers, Heads of IEA, OPEC and IEF, CEOs and key industry leaders, from IOCs, NOCs and service sector, to discuss the most relevant issues of the oil sector. The Summit provides a unique platform for executives from Oil & Gas companies and service sector, energy market analysts, Government officials, investment banks, legal firms, journalists, consultants, etc. to get close access to industry decision makers.
  • Over the past years, the Summit has been the circle for policy makers and oil industry leaders to exchange views on ways and means to address a large spectrum of oil related issues; securing investment and meeting future oil demand, addressing oil market volatility and its harmful effects on investment, improving dialogue among producing and consuming countries, and between oil and service companies on project management, improving partnership schemes (local content, risk sharing, etc.).

  • The 2017 edition of the Summit will examine how industry is adjusting to a new oil price environment and assess impact of such adjustments on global oil and energy security. The Summit will also look at ways and means to successfully do business and implement sustainable energy policies in an increasingly carbon-constrained world. Through very interactive sessions, the 18th International Oil Summit will address the following questions.


  • How does present oil market impact global energy security?
  • What concerted government actions could improve market security in the short-, medium, - and long-term?
  • How can producers and consumers manage their energy transition successfully?


  • How does present oil market environment impact global energy security in the short, medium and long-term?
  • How to reduce oil market volatility and secure investment needed in order to meet present and future oil demand?
  • What does it take to align local and global energy mix with commitments to reduce climate change without harming energy security?


  • What lessons have been learned from shale Oil & Gas development and recent price slide?
  • What are the long lasting consequences of shale revolution on the global oil business?
  • How are companies adjusting to the new oil price environment? How to successfully do business in an increasingly carbon-constrained world? Can IOCs, NOCs and Service Companies build and implement innovative strategies to jointly meet the future oil demand?


  • Technology input in a world of volatile Oil & Gas prices.
  • How are service companies adjusting in cost reduction environment?
  • How do Service companies see future collaboration with IOCs, NOCs and other stakeholders?
  • How can the industry rebuild both capability and capacity so it can develop future oil resources?
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