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International Gas & Power Summit

International Gas & Power Summit

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  • The 2017 edition of the Summit will examine how industry is adjusting to a new oil price environment and assess impact of such adjustments on global oil and energy security. The Summit will also look at ways and means to successfully do business and implement sustainable energy policies in an increasingly carbon-constrained world. Through very interactive sessions, the 18th International Oil Summit will address the following questions:

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22 Nov 2018 Paris 990 €
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    • The Summit attracts senior executives from the gas and power industry, energy market analysts, Government officials, investment banks, legal firms, regulators, researchers, journalists, consultants, etc. and provides get close access to industry decision makers.
  • The International Gas and Power Summit is an annual gathering of key gas and power industry leaders and heads of international organizations to discuss the most relevant issues affecting the gas and power sector. Over the past years, the Summit has been the circle for policy makers and industry leaders to exchange views on ways and means to address a large spectrum of gas and power related issues; gas and power markets development, regulatory frameworks, players’ strategies, environmental challenges, impacting exogenous factors, etc.
  • In order to get the utmost benefit of the participation in the Summit, genuine debate is encouraged with the participation of high caliber speakers from gas and power industries and other institutions such as Total, Engie, GE, Gas Natural Fenosa, Gazprom, Sonatrach, Cheniere, Sonelgaz, EDF, International Energy Agency, IFP Energies nouvelles, etc.

  • The 2017 edition of the Gas and Power Summit will feature senior level executives from gas and power industry as well as non-industry stakeholders, and address the most timely and topical issues facing the global and European gas and power industry. The Summit sessions will focus on the most relevant commercial and strategic issues that affect both natural gas and power value chain.
  • Through very interactive sessions, the 22nd International Gas and Power Summit will address the following questions:
  • Where will natural gas demand and LNG come from in the next 5-10 years?
  • How can producers and buyers work together towards market consolidation?
  • How are FIDs affected in today’s lower oil prices environment?
  • How could renewables expansion impact the evolving role of natural gas?
  • Implementation of COP21 Paris agreement: what are the main challenges and opportunities for the gas and power industry?
  • Should power generators prepare for the mass electrification of personal transport vehicles?
  • How is the electricity market liberalization impacting the role of gas in the power sector?
  • LNG versus Russian Gas competition in European markets.
  • What is the impact of LNG imports on European gas pricing dynamics?
  • Exploring the relations between gas, power & carbon pricing.
  • How did low gas prices impacted infrastructure investments?
  • Will the new LNG wave shake the global supply-demand balance?
  • How are the innovation trends in European power markets impacting energy trading?
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