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Project Management Interactive Simulator for Excellence

Advanced training in Project Management, based on a “Serious Game” developed by IFP Training


IFP Training has developed a Project Management Simulator, specifically designed for Oil & Gas applications.

This simulator, with a very broad range of project events, will allow a complete immersion in the execution of an O&G project.

The Integrated Reservoir Management program has been primarily designed for those professionals whose responsibilities will include any of these essential phases of Reservoir Management during their careers.

  Plan, Manage…   Objectives  

Etudiants Integrated Reservoir Management

… Interact and Decide

    • Play various roles in a project management team such as: Project Manager, Planning Manager, Cost Control Manager, Construction Manager…
    • Organize a project in various working environments, at the head office or on site.
    • Manage various types of events: contractual issues, delays and/or non-conformities, HSE incidents… until project close-out.
    • Use various project control tools: schedules, progress control, cost control…
  Who should attend?   Why this program?  

Anyone looking for the know-how needed to manage Oil & Gas projects, applying the best practices in Project Management.


Promise® will be an experience accelerator for Hard-Skills, as well as Soft-Skills Developement.

    • Facing typical problems
    • Team decision-making process
    • Team management

 Five-day interactive Training…

… Instant feedback and monitoring 


Five-day interactive Training…




… Instant feedback and monitoring

  • From the Simulator
  • By the instructor


Machinerie Integrated Reservoir Management

  Realistic environment   Scenarios & events  

Promise will involve the management of the project at the Company’s or the Contractor’s Head office as well as in the field environment on site.

  • Project meeting room:

Machinerie Integrated Reservoir Management

Company Head offce, metting rooms, Contractor’s task force desk.

  • Construction site:

Machinerie Integrated Reservoir Management

Workshop, storage area on yard, living quarters, HSE/First aid building, Helipad…


Various components of Project Management are covered:

  • Project Mobilization Team
  • Initial Budget
  • Schedule Review
  • “Look ahead” Schedule Preparation
  • Engineering Strategy
  • Purchasing Strategy
  • Construction Contracting Strategy
  • Contractor Claims
  • HSE
  • Commissioning Management
  • Management of miscellaneous delays
  • Etc.
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