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E-452 - Well Test Operation

5 jours PRO/CEPE
  • Drilling and production engineers, supervisors involved in well test operation; reservoir engineers
  • To provide the required comprehensive knowledge and skills for implementing well tests
  • To write an operational well test program with regard to the reservoir engineer's requirements
  • To select the required well test equipment
  • To supervise the well test operation
Les + pédagogiques
  • Several practical examples and case studies
This course can be delivered in French, with documentation in English Kindly refer to the complementary course which might be of interest: “Well Test Analysis” (E-365) Note Training plan for 5 days scheduled in 4 days for public holidays

Well testing fundamentals 0.5 jour
  • Principle and objectives of well testing
  • Basic data for predevelopment studies
  • Fundamentals of fluid flow in porous media
Drill stem test, perforation and well testing equipment review 2 jours
  • Principle of DST operation
  • Principle of perforation operation
  • Perforation methodology
  • Equipment selection versus well configuration and objectives
  • Perforation tools demo (movie)
  • DST string versus rig types
  • Principle of DST String versus well testing objectives
  • Composition of different DST strings
  • Principle of DST String
  • DST String type composition review
  • DST tools demo (movie)
  • Well testing operation and surface set up
  • Surface equipment and set up
  • Well testing sequences of operation
  • Surface well testing equipment
  • Well testing HSE concept
  • Data acquisition
  • Sampling
  • Well testing calculations
Program implementation, organization and responsibilities, well abandonment, DST in subsea environment 2.5 jours
  • DST operations and well test program implementation
  • Standard procedures reviews versus DST string type
  • Running in hole the DST string
  • Brine selection and weight
  • Selection of the ΔP on the formation
  • Operation instructions review
  • Sampling
  • Cases studies
  • Organization on board of the rig, roles and responsibility
  • Safety instructions
  • Contingency plan
  • Well abandonment after DST operation
  • Well killing operation
  • Well abandonment and safety concerns
  • Principle of DST operation in subsea environment
  • Deep water DST operations subsea equipment
  • Deep water DST operations
  • Deep water environment operation impact: wax deposition, paraffin, hydrates
  • Deep water operations contingency plan
  • DST tools demo (movie)
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