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E-365 - Well Test Analysis

  • Reservoir engineers an experienced technicians willing to deepen their knowledge in well test analysis; young scientists, production geoscientists and production engineers moving towards reservoir engineering
  • To provide a comprehensive knowledge of how to set up, design and interpret well tests
  • To know and understand the theory of well testing interpretation (flow regimes, models)
  • To know how to perform a well test interpretation
  • To know how to devise or recommend a well test design
Les + pédagogiques
  • Interactive lectures and exercises
  • Hands-on practices using state-of-the-art software for well test interpretation
  • Field practical application on an aquifer
Course fees include accommodation and transport during field trip

Introduction to well testing 0.5 jour
  • Purpose of well testing
  • Well and reservoir performance and the need for testing
  • Practical well test operations: types of tests, equipment, safety and environmental issues
  • Definitions & typical regimes: wellbore storage, radial flow regime, skin effect, fractured well, well in partial penetration
  • Fractured reservoirs, limited reservoirs and closed reservoirs
  • Productivity index, radius of investigation
Basic equations and methods 2 jours
  • Darcy's law, the diffusivity equation
  • The time superposition, multirate testing
  • The space superposition, boundary effect
  • Pressure curves analyses and pressure derivative
  • Exercise
Wellbore conditions 1 jour
  • Well with wellbore storage and skin
  • Infinite and finite conductivity vertical fracture
  • Well in partial penetration
  • Horizontal well
  • The different skin factors, geometrical skin and well deliverability
Boundary models 1 jour
  • One sealing fault
  • Two parallel sealing faults
  • Two intersecting sealing faults
  • Closed system, reservoir limit testing and depletion effects
  • Constant pressure boundary
Test design - Practical session 1.25 jours
  • Rate history definition
  • Time and pressure error
  • Pressure gauge drift & noise
  • Changing wellbore storage
  • Phase segregation
  • Interpretation procedure
  • From the initial diagnosis to the final consistency check of the results
  • Reporting and presentation of results, examples of test response
Gas wells: theoretical review and applications 0.25 jour
Well testing: equipment and operational procedures 1 jour
  • Clean up, surface equipment, down hole equipment, perforating, sampling
Field trip: well test in an aquifer 3 jours
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