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Utilities & Waste Treatment

5 jours RAF/REF3
  • Engineers and supervisors from the production and technical departments of refining and petrochemical sites.
  • To impart complete knowledge of processes to produce utilities (water, steam, power, air), equipment involved and supply networks, including collection networks and wastewater treatment units.
  • To enable participants to design and operate utility units in their broad outlines, upon completion of the course.
Les + pédagogiques
  • Videos or slide shows to demonstrate the implementation of different technologies.
  • Practical application exercises on the design and/or operation of each utility.
  • Numerous learning games or quizzes to test participants' learning.

Wastewater treatment 1 jour
  • Main properties, requirements and specifications of users.
  • Pretreatment: filtration, settling, decarbonation, softening.
  • Fire water network: design features, main pieces of equipment, function of foam and water.
  • Cooling water: open, semi-open, and closed circuits, cooling towers, design and operation.
  • Seawater cooling circuits, related problems, technical solutions.
  • Demineralization: ion exchange resins, reverse osmosis, degasing, finishing treatments.
Steam production and supply 1 jour
  • Network: pressure levels, types of users, network structure and control, turbines, static expansions.
  • Water-tube boiler: water and steam circuits, air and exhaust stack (equipment and control), fuel origin, selection and optimization, types of burners, combustion follow-up, process control.
  • Other types of boilers: fire-tube boilers, CO boilers, steam cracking boilers, etc.
Power production and supply 1 jour
  • Quality requirements: power and voltage levels, other characteristics.
  • Power production: turbo-generators, gas turbines, cogeneration units.
  • Electrical network: key-equipment, transducers, earthing, back-up, problems of reliability.
Compressed air and air gas 0.5 jour
  • Process requirements: users’ specifications and reasons, air supply criticality.
  • Air instruments: compressors, dryers, supply network, back-up.
  • Production of nitrogen: design, uses and risks. Uses of oxygen and CO2.
Heating networks 0.5 jour
  • Fuel networks: gaseous, liquid, solid. Waste gas recovery.
  • Flare networks and systems. Networks of atmospheric and pressurized drains.
  • Hot oil: main uses, oil furnaces, oil quality, networks.
Wastewater collection and treatment 1 jour
  • Source of pollution, specifications of wastewater effluents, networks. Controls.
  • Oily water treatment (settling, flotation, biological treatment), process water stripping, finishing.
  • New technologies for industrial and domestic wastewater treatment. Recycling options.