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E-468 - Unconventional Reservoirs Completion & Stimulation

5 jours PRO/URCS
  • All professionals within the Petroleum and Energy industry or related sectors, who need a general knowledge and understanding of the Oil & Gas unconventional production and development techniques
  • To provide a complete overview of the techniques, achievements, challenges of the development of shale gas wells as well as stimulation technics
  • To understand the specificities of the unconventional reservoirs, the techniques and challenges of their development and their production
  • To know drilling and completion of shale gas wells
  • To learn about the stimulation techniques of shale gas wells
Les + pédagogiques
  • Interactive animations by experienced lecturers
  • Use of several illustrations: videos, field cases…
Kindly refer also to complementary courses which might be of interest: “Unconventional Resources - Shale Gas Fundamentals” (E-395), “Hydrocarbons in Unconventional Settings” (E-221) and “Unconventional Resources Production Overview” (E-040)

Shale gas & oil production issues: from resources to technically producible reserves 1 jour
  • Evaluation of shale gas resources (in place and technically recoverable)
  • Source rock hydrocarbons production issues
  • Well productivity assessment: missing state of art
  • Field Development (Case Study and exercises)
  • Establish well pattern
  • Establish the plateau rate and duration
  • Build Field Development spread-sheet
Production issues for low permeability formations 0.5 jour
  • Hydraulic fracture mapping: micro-seismic monitoring and associated uncertainties
Drilling completion 0.5 jour
  • Unconventional wells architecture
Completion 1 jour
  • Specific drilling/completion operations and equipment
  • Wells integrity
Stimulation 2 jours
  • Horizontal multi staged hydraulic fracking techniques and operations
  • Actual case and examples
  • Technological challenges and new techniques