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Turnaround - Detailed Preparation & Scheduling

  • Maintenance schedules and planners, contractor's, supervisor's, operational foremen, and staff involved in the detailed preparation of turnarounds in refining or petrochemical plants.
  • To grasp the methodology structuring a successful plant turnaround which meets all safety, quality, time and cost targets.
  • To learn about strict works schedule and logical organization of the different departments involved in a unit shutdown.
  • To conceive and follow a shutdown schedule.
Les + pédagogiques
  • Numerous applications and cases studies.
  • The delivery method is interactive and takes advantage of participants' own experience.

Turnaround: requirements and reasons 0.25 jour
  • Reasons: statutory inspection requirement, process improvement, scheduled overhauls.
  • Requirements: duration, safety results, start date, budget, suitable organization.
Turnaround team organization and job description 0.5 jour
  • Team building, work flow.
  • Organization chart.
  • Subcontracting level, division of work.
  • Different roles: pilot, major contractor, ...
Detailed preparation 2 jours
  • Scope of work: turnaround work list review.
  • Task analysis: work order description and duration, resources, tools required, technical and safety constraints management.
  • Practical exercise: devise an inspection check-list for a vessel.
  • “Turnaround execution manual”: role and contents.
  • Planning: Arrow diagram, Bar chart (Gantt), critical path, margin, resource management.
  • Practical exercise: establish the work coordination schedule.
  • Skill selection and rules of contracting out to companies: approval, integration of quality and safety requirements intenders.
  • Spare parts and materials.
  • Budget estimation.
Logistics preparation 0.5 jour
  • Drawing an organization chart.
  • Kick-off meeting.
  • Safety health and environmental program, work permits.
Follow-up and statement 0.75 jour
  • Work follow up, checking.
  • Cost control, change order management, financial and technical balance.
  • Progress report.
  • Follow-up on technical equipment sheet upgrading.
  • Contractor's and subcontractor's assessment.
  • Final closeout report.