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E-782 - Subsea Pipelines

4 jours PL/PIPEGB
  • Engineers and technicians involved in the design, construction or operation of oil and gas subsea pipelines and risers
  • To provide an in-depth technical knowledge of oil and gas subsea pipelines
  • To grasp the fundamental concepts for designing subsea pipelines
  • To comprehend thoroughly the construction methods and laying techniques, including subsea tie-in and shore approach
  • To manage pipeline integrity, inspection and repairs
Les + pédagogiques
  • Lectures carry numerous examples from ongoing projects
  • Trainers are specialized engineers, presently involved in deep-offshore projects
This module is part of the course E-780 Training E-780 may be validated, on request, as such when all modules have been done This course can be delivered in French, with documentation in English

Pipeline operation: introduction & main constraints 0.5 jour
  • Definitions - Architecture of oil & gas production facilities
  • Pipeline concepts
  • Riser concepts
  • Fabrication of carbon steel line pipe
  • Constraints associated to subsea environment
  • Flow regimes and instabilities
  • Maintaining the flow in pipelines: management of deposits
  • Preservation during shutdown, restart
  • Production monitoring and control from surface
  • Impact of operational constraints on architecture and design
Design of rigid pipelines & risers 0.5 jour
  • Overview of pipeline design phases
  • Survey techniques and route selection
  • Thermal performance design
  • Mechanical design
  • Internal & external corrosion
  • Materials
  • Stability
  • Spans
  • Expansion and buckling
  • Risers design specificities
  • Limit state design
Flexible pipelines design 0.25 jour
  • Specificities of flexible pipeline design
Offshore pipeline construction 0.5 jour
  • Pipe lay methods (S, J, reel, tow)
  • Initiation / abandonment, installation of in-line structures
  • Pipe lay vessels & equipment
  • Welding and NDT
  • Comparison of installation methods
Shore approach construction 0.25 jour
  • Shore approach construction and horizontal drilling
Trenching & protection 0.25 jour
  • Requirements for pipeline protection
  • Soil classification
  • Overview of protection methods
Subsea tie-in methods 0.25 jour
  • Conventional tie-ins incl. hyperbaric welding
  • Deepwater tie-ins
  • Thermal insulation of tie-ins
Precommissioning & pigging 0.25 jour
  • Introduction to pipeline pigging
  • Pipeline precommissioning
  • Operational pigging
  • Intelligent pigging
Pipeline integrity 0.75 jour
  • Pipeline failures
  • Management of integrity
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Assessment of pipelines with defects - Requalification
  • Repair
Workshop 0.5 jour
  • Worked example covering the main topics of the training
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