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E-430 - Stuck Pipe Prevention

  • Young engineers and supervisors, toolpushers with some experience in drilling
  • To provide a practical understanding of the preventive measures to implement while drilling to avoid having a pipe stuck
  • To identify warning signals of potential stuck pipe incidents or hole problems
  • To understand the problems that can lead to a pipe getting stuck
  • To identify and interpret efficiently any signal received while drilling
  • To learn how to take evasive actions and implement preventive measures
  • To learn how to deal effectively with stuck pipes
  • To assess importance of teamwork, communication and accurate reporting in avoiding NPT

Introduction, geology and rock mechanic reminder 0.25 jour
  • Statistics about NPT
  • Rock structure, mineralogy, main characteristics of sedimentary rock
  • Rock mechanic: stress in the ground, stress effect on hole stability
  • Rock mechanic and hole stability exercises
Drill string limits, mud and hole cleaning reminder 0.5 jour
  • Drill string characteristics, overpull margin, buckling
  • Mud and hole cleaning: rheology and hole trajectory influence on hole cleaning
  • Methods to assess the quality of the hole cleaning
  • Methods to improve the hole cleaning
Causes of stuck pipe and first actions 1 jour
  • Differential sticking
  • Mechanical and wellbore geometry sticking
  • Solids induced pack off
Warning signs of stuck pipe occurrence 0.25 jour
  • Example for case study: determination and analysis of causes of stuck pipe
Methods to free the drill string 1 jour
  • Determination of the stuck point, exercises
  • Jarring: hydraulic and mechanical jar
  • Exercises on mechanical jar adjustment
  • Differential pressure reduction, exercises
  • Use of lubricant pills
  • Back off, exercises
Procedure for a fishing job 0.5 jour
  • Description, function and utilization of different fishing equipment
Preventive measures 0.5 jour
  • How to avoid stuck pipe and prevent drill string rupture while drilling and stripping
  • Choices in planning fishing operation
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