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E-301 - Seismic Interpretation & Attributes Analysis Workshop

10 jours GEP/SEISINT
  • Geologists and geophysicists with experience, who wish to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge in Seismic stratigraphy interpretation and seismic attributes analysis
  • To provide a comprehensive and practical knowledge in interpretation of sedimentary structures and seismic attributes
  • To perform seismic interpretation in a fluvio-deltaic sequence and carry out picking of associated sedimentary figures
  • To identify and pick associated sedimentary figures
  • To identify traps and seismic characters, analyze seismic attributes, and characterize potential reservoirs
  • Course requires a good grasp of fundamentals in the following fields
  • Geology in sedimentary process
  • Seismic wave propagation and rock physics
  • Seismic acquisition and processing
  • Seismic reservoir characterization
Les + pédagogiques
  • Interactive presentations, exercises, document analysis…
  • Workshop on case study using dedicated seismic interpretation software

  • Team work on North Sea 3D case study
Interpretation of sedimentary structures and seismic attributes analysis
  • Surveys presentation of the North Sea 3D seismic Block and workshop objectives
  • Geology and petroleum system overview - Geophysical context
  • Prospect objectives
  • Interpretation of sedimentary bodies
  • Unconformities, angularity, techniques of sequence identification and picking
  • Top and base picking of the sedimentary sequence in the tertiary group
  • Interpretation of prograding sub sequences using seismic facies analyses (amplitude, energy, phase, etc.)
  • Other structures evidence through structural attributes analysis
  • Channels delineation and interpretation using structural attributes
  • Other structural elements
  • Seismic structural model building of the sedimentary sequence (Time model)
  • Seismic evidence of a reservoir – Detection and analysis
  • Amplitude and seismic attributes anomalies analysis at the top of the sequence (DHI, gas shadows, etc.)
  • Analysis of seismic character modification in the vicinity of the reservoir (reflectivity, phase or frequency changes, multiples enhancement, structural anomalies, etc.)
  • Seismic attributes analysis and characterization
  • Analysis of seismic Inversion and porosity attributes in the potential trapped reservoirs
  • Attributes comparison in the potential trapped areas, seismic facies analysis and characterization
Synthesis and conclusions
  • Wrap-up session