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Quality & Risk Management in Projects

3 jours PGP/QAQC-E
  • Personnel involved in the management of Oil & Gas projects.
  • To seize the importance of quality and risk management for the successful completion of projects.
  • To manage a project through quality systems, and make use efficiently of lessons from previous projects.
  • To apply quality assurance and control tools to Project management.
  • To improve consistently the project management process in order to add value.
Les + pédagogiques
  • Numerous examples from real Refining/Chemical projects.
  • Practical exercises performed by the participants (project objectives, surveillance plan, experience feedback, risk analysis).
  • Reference book is provided.

Quality management system 0.5 jour
  • Management of and by quality. Quality improvement cycle. ISO-9001 standard. Application to projects.
  • Integrated management systems (quality, safety and health, environmental, security, social, societal).
  • The project reference standard. Internal and external customer satisfaction. Management commitment.
  • Project objectives, key performance indicators, role of the project team.
Quality process and organization 0.5 jour
  • The ISO-10006 standard: common points and differences vs ISO-9001. Constituents.
  • Links between management and project process - Identification and cartography of the project processes.
  • Project organization and quality responsibilities - Involvement of the management and quality independence v/s organization efficiency.
  • Key documents: execution plan, quality plan, procurement plan, EHS plan.
  • The project Quality Plan - The associated list of project management procedures.
  • Related processes: interface management, documentation management, modification management, risk management.
Quality control during execution 0.5 jour
  • External and internal quality audits.
  • Surveillance plan: key principles, definition of the surveillance levels and tasks, document control, meetings, management of non-conformances, record management.
  • Surveillance during procurement and construction: organization, methods, tools and resources needed for quality control at supplier's premises (presentation by a professional external surveillance company).
Quality feedback - Continuous improvement 0.5 jour
  • Continuous improvement of processes.
  • Key performance indicators. Periodical surveillance meetings and actions follow-up.
  • Feedback: gathering, use for improvement, benchmarking.
  • Principle of supplier documents review - Document approvals and updates.
  • Use of project non-conformances for improvement purposes.
  • Quality records. Project as-built documentation.
Risk management system 1 jour
  • Definition of risk, gravity, probability, criticality.
  • Risk identification methods, qualification, prioritization.
  • Risk Register: organization, owners, meetings and stakeholders.
  • Tools to monitor and update the risk register.
  • Tools to put in place a risk mitigation system.
  • Methods to follow-up progress and results.