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Processes Representation

  • Engineers in charge of drawing or updating process flow plans in the early stages of projects.
  • To provide practical knowledge of various methods for drawing process schemes.
  • Prepare a PID legend (list and types of symbols used).
  • Issue clear and understandable PFD and P&ID, consistent with Good Engineering Practices.
  • Review existing P&IDs with a team, and to identify improvements.
Les + pédagogiques
  • Numerous examples taken from actual refining/chemical projects.
  • Sharing of participants' experience, documents, methods and standards.
  • Participants to review existing documents, create new ones and work on practical cases.

Block diagram 0.5 jour
  • Purpose. Splitting a process in blocks. Elaborating a block diagram.
Process flow diagram (PFD) 0.5 jour
  • Purpose of a PFD, added value compared to the Block Diagram. Type and level of detail of information.
  • Detailed PFD description. Symbols used for each element. Specific differences in each company.
  • Importance of Utility flow diagrams. Differences with Process diagrams.
Piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) 1 jour
  • Purpose of P&IDs, various users within Owner and Engineering Contractor, during Project Execution and later.
  • Process and utilities P&IDs. Key elements necessary to prepare a complete and adequate P&ID.
  • Logical elaboration sequence, rules, organization of a P&ID, level of detail depending on stage.
  • Typical symbols (ISA-5-1984), legend, notes, holds, comments.
  • Contents of a P&ID: equipment, piping, instrumentation, links between them. Incorporation of packages and skids.
  • Process description document associated to the P&ID. Sample piping classes.
P&ID reviews 1 jour
  • P&ID reviews for HSE and Operability purposes. Various methods including HAZOP review.
  • Organization of the reviews, involvement of Owner and Engineering Contractor personnel.
  • Types of check-lists used. Determination of action plan. Validation. Reporting and follow-up process.