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E-770C - Logistic Engineer Certification

35 jours PL/LET
  • Logistic engineers, technicians called on to hold positions in an E&P logistics organization: logistic manager, base managers, etc.
  • To give the trainees an overall view of the various aspects treated by Logistics specialists for this strategic component of the exploration & production activity in exploration, projects, operations decommissioning
  • To manage the approach of the stakes related to the exploration and production of an Oil & Gas field
  • To explain the differences between road, sea and air transport
  • To deal with HSE challenges
  • To make a logistic base work and organize the different jobs carried out by the relevant involved staff
Les + pédagogiques
  • A logistic project will be run in work groups in parallel of the course and will be presented to a jury. A certificate will be issued by IFP Training upon successful completion of this program checked through a continuous evaluation
  • Numerous lively videos and animations used throughout the presentations to illustrate the main points
  • The training course features the visit of contractors facilities
Durations are only for information and may vary depending on course organization, and lecturers’ availability This course can be delivered in French, with documentation in English

Introduction to E&P context 8 jours
  • Basic knowledge of oil & gas E&P
  • Introduction to E&P logistics context
Logistic 9 jours
  • Logistic base management
  • Tubular in logistics activities
  • Warehouse management
  • Material management
  • Introduction to civil works
  • Lifting & handling operations
Transportation issues 7 jours
  • Air transport - Techniques and methods
  • Sea transport - Techniques and methods
  • Road transportation
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Meteorology for air, road and sea transport
Management issues 6 jours
  • Management of HSE & quality
  • Waste management
  • Cost control (budget, OPEX, etc.)
  • Contracts and purchasing for buyers
  • Visit of contractors
Project 5 jours
  • Logistic project and presentation of projects to the jury
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