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E-001C - IRM - Integrated Reservoir Management Certification

45 jours GEN/IRM
  • High-potential E&P professionals, future managers of E&P assets and activities, providers of integrated E&P services
  • Petroleum engineers, geoscientists, well engineers, project managers, business unit leaders
  • To provide, through a multidisciplinary approach of paramount importance for the optimization of field development and operations, an in-depth understanding of key concepts and mechanisms of reservoir management
  • To find, through a unique training experience, what could be keys for success when one applies high-standard guiding principles in asset management, from exploration and field development to field operations and enhanced oil recovery
  • To understand reservoir management best practices for oil & gas fields development
  • To maximize value creation of oil & gas assets through the technical and economic resources optimization
  • To comprehend various disciplines that take part in reservoir management
  • To learn about various reservoirs and field development conditions through hands-on and case studies
  • To team leaders the relevant knowledge for Reservoir Management in E&P Projects
  • A degree in engineering or geosciences, with preferably a 5-year professional experience
Les + pédagogiques
  • Highly interactive course with serious game and actual case studies
  • Animation by E&P senior experienced lecturers
  • Two field trips for hands-on sessions illustrating reservoirs outcrops and reservoir behavior
  • Two weeks of course in Imperial College (London) focused on field development optimization
Accommodation and transportation costs are not included in the fee. Logistics can be organized by IFP training A specific brochure for this program is available on request

Reservoir engineering and field development fundamentals (IFP Training) 23 jours
  • Production geology, geophysics
  • Well logging, interpretation - Production logging
  • Petrophysics: rock properties (porosity, saturation, permeability) and their interactions with fluids
  • Fluid properties: PVT oil gas and water
  • Well testing: principles and interpretation
  • Production mechanisms: natural drive (primary recovery), immiscible fluid injection gas or water (secondary recovery), tertiary recovery (EOR: miscible, chemical or thermal process)
  • Field development methodology, data acquisition, reserves estimation
  • Drilling and completion
  • Project economics & contracts
  • Well performance optimization: inflow, outflow, formation damage remedial (acid stimulation, fracturing, sand control)
  • Assessment of reservoir risks and uncertainties
  • Unconventional hydrocarbons
  • Future E&P development challenges in a global Energy scene
  • Field trip to Poitiers area (2.5 days): well testing in an aquifer, interpretation and analysis of the results (production, draw-down, build-up), cores and logs observation of a reservoir analogue to the one on which the test was performed, geological and dynamic modeling
Case studies (Imperial College London) 12 jours
  • Development and application of a reservoir simulation model for reservoir management, including up scaling, history matching, and reservoir performance prediction, field development planning and simple economic analysis
  • UK field Development Project
  • Field trip to the Wessex basin
  • Group-based computer-aided exercise covering the development and monitoring of a large oil field
  • Data analysis, development of a reservoir simulation model, including upscaling and history matching
  • Application of model to identify an optimum field development plan with simple economic evaluation
Case studies (IFP Training) 10 jours
  • Tertiary recovery in a mature oil field with lean gas injection
  • Reservoir management specificities for carbonate fractured reservoirs
  • Gas: gas properties and field case: development and monitoring of a gas field
  • Alwyn area: complex gas, condensate and oil field evaluation development and monitoring in the North Sea environment
  • Special case histories: deep water offshore, deep reservoir, heavy oils
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