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E-202 - Graduate Diploma of Petroleum Studies

85 jours GEO/DIPGEO
  • Geologists, geophysicists, young professionals interested in an intensive training on petroleum exploration techniques
  • To provide a very comprehensive, practical knowledge of petroleum exploration and develop competency needed to make very significant contributions on this matter in multidisciplinary project teams
  • To understand workflows used in exploration to integrate multidisciplinary teams
  • To acquire skills in log and seismic data interpretation
  • To acquire skills in basin structural and sedimentary analysis
  • To integrate concepts and techniques that provide the best workflow to assess the potential of a basin
  • To identify exploration targets from basin modeling techniques
  • To define prospects and related uncertainties and risks
  • Required level of English: TOEIC 750
Les + pédagogiques
  • Highly interactive training with various application exercises and actual case studies
    Use of a simulation game for the exploration process: Hunting for Oil (see E-033)
  • Intensive English courses are organized prior to the start of the training program
  • The training includes assessment of participants all along the program, and ends with a 4-month internship period
    Each participant will have to spend this period working on a case study in his or her own company
    This internship work will have to be validated by a technical report to be presented in front of a jury of experts
    This is mandatory to obtain the Graduate Diploma
    Upon successful completion of the program (exams passed and final jury consent), the participants are awarded the “Graduate Diploma of Petroleum Studies, Major in Geosciences” from IFP School
A specific brochure for this program is available on request Number of seats is limited to 12

Module 1: fundamentals of petroleum geosciences 20 jours
  • Introduction to basin analysis and reservoir characterization
  • Overview of the petroleum system through exercises and workshops, to present all the steps of petroleum exploration which will be developed during the training
  • Structural analysis and sedimentology of carbonates - Core description
  • Geological depositional environments in carbonate domains
  • Field trip to the Gironde river estuary (Bordeaux's region)
  • Observation and understanding present day sedimentation, focus on reservoir scale (facies, geometries, heterogeneities)
  • Well log interpretation
  • Characterization of simple to complex lithology reservoir geological formations on practical exercises
Module 2: geology or geophysics option 25 jours
  • Geophysics option: in Paris surroundings
  • Seismic Acquisition: concepts & applications, seismic acquisition survey design and applications
  • Field Acquisition near Orleans: practical work on seismic acquisition and other methods (gravimetry, magnetism) with real equipment
  • Seismic data processing: methodology and workflow at each step of seismic data processing with practical examples and workshops
  • Processing basic concepts: Fourier transform, spectral analysis, sampling, correlation, deconvolution...
  • Special Topics: multiples attenuation, 4C, 4D, Time and Depth Imaging
  • Practice on 3D data set with a processing flow, Sequence analysis from reformatting to migration
  • Geology Option
  • Geophysics: basic acquisition & processing with practical examples and workshops during the first week
  • Field trip in the South East of France (Nyons area): to understand all the characteristics of a petroleum system, from basin scale to reservoir scale
  • Advanced structural analysis: structural aspect of a basin, in complementary of the geophysical tools and logging tools
  • Geochemistry: from source rock to petroleum system. Hydrocarbon migration pathways
  • Sedimentology well log interpretation: facies cross correlation, geological sequences
Module 3: basin analysis 20 jours
  • Seismic interpretation
  • Structural and stratigraphic seismic interpretation on different structural styles
  • Seismic interpretation software on North Sea case studies
  • Sequence stratigraphy from seismic and log data
  • Basin modeling
  • Data synthesis, basin modeling and quantifying uncertainties. End of workshops for prospect analysis
Module 4: reservoir & prospect evaluation 20 jours
  • Reservoir characterization & Fractured reservoir
  • Introduction to fundamentals of reservoir characterization
  • Reservoir architecture, heterogeneities, petrophysicial parameters. Introduction to fractured reservoir
  • For Geophysicists: seismic reservoir characterization
  • For Geologists: reservoir modeling
  • Hunting for Oil
  • Presents all exploration, development and production techniques involved in the upstream business with the support of a computer-assisted game, the tools used in the upstream petroleum industry will be introduced and manipulated, in order to acquire the understanding of the techniques and the links between them