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E-392 - Experimental Training for Core Analysis

5 jours GIS/CARC
  • Engineers and technicians involved in core analysis
  • To provide a comprehensive and practical knowledge of how to carry out and interpret SCAL lab experiments
  • To deepen knowledge of lab experiments
  • To select methods for conventional and special core analysis
  • To understand the physical mechanisms and experimental conditions
Les + pédagogiques
  • Exercises and case studies using CYDAR™ simulation & modeling software

Introduction - Theory
  • Darcy's law, porosity, permeability
  • Theory of multiphase flow (Capillary Pressure, relative Permeability)
  • Description and preparation of the experiments that will be performed (principles, operating methodology)
  • Experiments will be performed by participants in a services company laboratory
  • Porosity (Helium porosity, liquid saturation)
  • Permeability: steady-state with liquid, pulse-decay with gas
  • Tracer test to characterize the heterogeneities
  • Formation Factor
  • Relative permeability Kr: steady state and unsteady state method (water / oil)
Practical hand-on experiments
  • Discussion and analysis of the experiments
  • Generalities on data acquisition and data processing
  • Notion of experimental errors and uncertainties
  • Interpretation of Kr experiments by an analytical and numerical method with CYDAR™ software