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E-396 - Environmental Management of Unconventional Development Projects: Shale & Tight Gas & Oil

3 jours GIS/ENVGB
  • Managers, advisors, engineers, and operations staff involved in the management of environmental issues all along the lifetime of a unconventional shale gas & oil or tight gas & oil development: from exploration to production
  • To perceive and assess the stakes of a “shale gas project”, including the controversial perception of public. To learn about key regulations on shale gas and therefore the contents of a dedicated Environmental Impact Assessment
  • To provide a thorough and applied knowledge of regulatory requests with the Best Available Techniques, recent industry standards and practices for Air Pollution control and treatment, waste water control and remediation techniques and equipment. Lessons learnt from case studies in the US and Europe
  • To understand the global prevailing context for the shale and tight gas & oil development for Environmental Management at worldwide level
  • To identify key issues and impacts of specific shale gas activities (exploration, fracking, production)
  • To learn about technical requirements and regulation in USA and Europe
  • To understand specific contents of a shale gas environmental impact assessment, mitigations (treatments), and how to develop communication (Public Participation)
  • To know lessons learnt from case studies (strategy, technologies, public acceptability, etc.)
Les + pédagogiques
  • Highly interactive training by an industry-specialist lecturer involved in shale gas project
  • Numerous case studies, applications and illustrations, and teamwork sessions - key Internet references - videos

The stakes: public perception – A controversial energy
The industry point of view
Technologies: key issues for the environment
  • Fracking and water
  • Air emissions
  • Wastewater & waste treatment
Socio-economic impact & sustainable development
Environmental regulatory overview
Contents of an environmental impact assessment & case studies – Mitigation and emissions treatment
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