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E-394 - Development of Gas Condensate Fields

5 jours GIS/GAS
  • Geoscientists, reservoir engineers and petroleum engineers with industrial experience willing to acquire additional knowledge in gas condensate fields development
  • To provide a comprehensive and practical understanding of gas condensate reservoirs behavior; from gas PVT properties to gas flow
  • To know main concepts of gas condensate field developments
  • To learn about evaluating productivity and reservoir performance
  • To learn about main issues regarding surface facilities design and operation
Les + pédagogiques
  • Interactive courses and exercises
  • Field case studies

Properties of natural gases: dry gas and gas condensate
  • Phase equilibrium: single and multi-component systems
  • Classification of petroleum Hydrocarbon system
  • Gas PVT behavior - Gas Compressibility Factor - Gas density and Formation volume factor - Gas viscosity
  • Darcy law for gas: deviation to the Darcy's law
  • Klinkenberg effect
  • Real gas potential (pseudo pressure)
Well test analysis
  • Introduction to Well Test
  • Flow Regimes - Reservoir models and boundary models
  • Gas wells - AOFP, Pseudo Skin, Pseudo Pressures, Gas Material Balance, Pseudo Time or Changing WBS
Well performance
  • Basic equation, skin and non Darcy flow
  • Transient flow - Pressure transient testing - Deliverability testing
  • Condensate banking
Reservoir performance
  • Drive mechanism
  • Determination of IGIP by volumetrics
  • Material balance: exercises, reserves determination
  • Gas cycling
Field development - Case study
  • Dry gas and gas condensate fields development
  • Concept and exercises - Field case: reservoir flow, tubing flow, well spacing
  • Decision tree
Surface facilities - Infrastructure
  • Onshore, offshore, deep offshore
  • Specific gas condensate process issues
Tight and shale gas reservoir performance
  • Well productivity and field case