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E-737 - Construction Superintendent

58 jours PL/SUPTVX
  • Professionals with a significant experience in oil and gas surface production who are called on to hold position of construction superintendents
  • To provide the in-depth technical knowledge of oil and gas processing operations, along with the managerial and communication skills, for qualifying to hold the position of construction superintendents
  • To provide the in-depth technical knowledge of oil and gas processing operations, along with the managerial and communication skills, for qualifying to hold the position of construction superintendents
  • The required high-level knowledge stretches over a wide range of issues in relation to production, maintenance, intervention on well, construction, site works…
  • To master all issues of the overall production process, from reservoir to offloading facilities
  • To anticipate production and maintenance constraints on works
  • To learn about state-of-the-art oil and gas construction techniques
  • To learn about on-site HSE management rules and individual responsibilities
  • To acquire world class work methods and communication skills
  • To anticipate anomalous events and react effectively
  • To propose well-argued plans to improve construction activities
Les + pédagogiques
  • Several applications and illustrations (videos, samples, tools…)
  • Intensive teamwork
  • Use of dynamic training simulations
Modules indicated with (1) are common with production training E-533 Production superintendent, in order to give the trainee the best knowledge of production constraints This course can be delivered in French, with documentation in English

Oil, water and gas processing 10 jours
  • Effluent behavior - Fundamentals of thermodynamics - Specifications
  • Oil processing - Production and Injection water treatment - Gas processing
HSE in production operations, construction & maintenance works HSE management and safety engineering 18 jours
  • HSE risks, flammability, overpressure systems: PSV, flare network, closed and open drains…
  • Safety in operation, safety during construction & maintenance works
  • Work permit system - Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) management…
  • HSE management systems - Management of change - Downgraded situations - HSE referential & responsibilities
  • Safety engineering, Safety systems, Human factors - Incident analysis and reporting - Root cause analysis
Multidisciplinary conferences 3 jours
  • Terminal and FSO / FPSO - Deep offshore: development challenges and specific operating constraints
  • Flow assurance - Chemicals injection monitoring - Deposit prevention and monitoring
  • Field Operations Initiative (FOI): objectives and methodology
Project control 4 jours
  • Management of contracts
  • Contract strategy, Documentation, Call for tender, tender analysis and choice of contractor
  • Contract administration - Request for variation order, variation order - Claim
  • Insurances
  • Planning & Costs
  • Schedule - Trend, adverse trend - Schedule analysis
  • Cost - Follow-up - Variation
Construction technics 14 jours
  • Construction technics
  • Lifting & handling - Equipment erection on site - Civil works, structural steel, equipment layout - Piping (welding and weld controls), and installation (erection, pipe-racks, supports) - Electrical and instrumentation - Painting, insulation works
  • Offshore works
  • Preparation of offshore operations. Load out methods: lifting, skidding, rolling. Sea fastening
  • Transportation and installation barges, vessels. Marine warranty surveys
  • Offshore and deep offshore operations. Anchoring, positioning
  • Hook-up, pre-commissioning - Offshore organization
  • Oil & Gas equipment
  • Onshore sites - Offshore facilities
  • SPS and other subsea equipment - Pipelines (onshore & offshore)
  • LNG tanks - Terminals (onshore & offshore)
Shut-downs: organization, coordination, management 5 jours
  • Preparation of the works
  • Tasks - Integration of the actions followed by the Superintendent
  • Schedule and organization charts of preparation works and of the realization works
  • Subcontracting level, HSE impact
  • Organization of the works
  • Analysis of the works: range of coordination, definition of the resources, duration, weather conditions, technical constraints or HSE specific requirements - Integration of the construction site constraints in calls for tender and documentation
  • Adaptation of the analysis to the role and to the capacity of preparation of the company
  • Application: organization of a shut-down sequence with hot works
  • Book of shut-down works: role, constitution. Schedule: sequence, schedule with bars, margins, critical path, leveling of resources, general schedule, by company, by building trade, by device
  • Application: elaboration of a coordination schedule
  • Quality - Pre-commissioning, commissioning, transfer to production. Reports
Work methods and communication 2 jours
  • Work methods and team management
  • Written and oral communication
Revisions - Oral assessment 3 jours