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Construction Management Training

20 jours PGP/CONSMAN
  • Young field engineers and supervisors from Upstream or Downstream sectors, having the responsibility to manage Construction activities at Site.
  • To provide a thorough understanding of the construction activities up to precommissioning, the associated management challenges and control tools.
  • To evaluate and be aware of HSE/Security risks on construction site.
  • To enhance knowledge of construction activities.
  • To develop Construction management skills.
  • To monitor and control quality/schedule/costs during construction activities.
Les + pédagogiques
  • A project case study is used through the course with exercises proposed to participants for each step of the Construction progress.
  • Each step of the course is illustrated by numerous examples taken from actual Oil & Gas construction activities.

Module 1: Construction techniques 3 jours
  • Lifting & handling (special tools and methods), cranes.
  • Work at height.
  • Equipment erection on site. Scaffolding.
  • Civil works, structural steel, equipment layout and foundations.
  • Piping connection (welding and weld controls), and installation (erection, pipe-racks, supports).
  • Electrical and Instrumentation. Basics for installation on site.
  • Installation of power and instrument cables.
  • Painting, insulation works.
  • Precommissioning activities.
  • Specifics of Revamping projects.
Module 2: Site visit in Martigues (France) 2 jours
Module 3: Team management 5 jours
  • Construction planning, field work organization, roles and responsibilities, organization charts.
  • Coordination of site supervisors.
  • Communication: purpose and management of periodic meetings, information tools, team-building.
  • Management of site access cards, night shifts, back-to-back rotation, shift handover reports.
  • Vendors mobilization/demobilization depending on contracts types. Contract reviews.
  • Management of individual performance .
  • Relationship with Contractors and subcontractors: contracts (lump sum, reimbursable, change-orders), conflicting situations.
  • Relationship with Field operations.
  • Reporting: how to prepare synthetic reports.
Module 4: Site control schedule / quality / costs 5 jours
  • Schedule: main field constraints, optimization of detailed construction schedule, validation with subcontractors.
  • Contractual progress measurement and reporting. Recovery plan in case of delays.
  • Quality control: interfaces between prefabrication and construction/installation activities. Quality control of work on site, Non conformity reports, technical queries, site instructions.
  • Material control: organization of warehouse, storage areas, receipt/control of main equipment and bulk material (quality/quantity).
  • ISO-9001 requirements (non-conformances, deviations to construction standards, As-Built documentation…).
  • Cost control: reporting, challenging of change requests, subcontractor productivity control (when appropriate).
  • Ready for Commissioning (mechanical completion): discipline checklists, categorization and management of punch-list items.
  • Construction all risk insurances (CAR).
Module 5: HSE / Security risk management on the field 5 jours
  • HSE Prevention Plan: definition and evaluation of risk, subcontractor organization and training. Preventive action plan.
  • HSE Incident Management: Root Cause Analysis of incidents, including Consequence Analysis. Immediate actions.
  • Corrective and Preventive actions. Reporting. Communication and crisis management. Experience feedback. Emergency Response Plan.
  • Surveillance: surveillance plan, field HSE audits, Safety tour, behavioral observations, Subcontractor HSE evaluation.
  • Monitoring of SIMOPS activities.
  • Identification and analysis of construction risks: root analysis, electrical risks, wrong gestures and postures, work at height, radio protection, use of gas, lifting and handling, fire, work in confined spaces, defensive driving.
  • Security Management: definition, site management with regards to external events (Robbery, kidnapping, data).
  • Security control and technologies.