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Cathodic Protection

3 jours MCO/PCATH-E
  • Supervisors, engineers and technical staff involved in cathodic protection, maintenance and inspection.
  • To provide a better understanding of cathodic protection fundamentals, design procedures and monitoring.
  • To contribute to the design of cathodic protection systems.
  • To supervise the monitoring carried out by a subcontractor.
Les + pédagogiques
  • Active teaching methods are used to promote a pooling of experience.
  • Case studies with cathodic protection experts.

Principles and applications 0.75 jour
  • Wet corrosion mechanisms and prevention.
  • Principles of cathodic protection.
  • Sacrificial anode and impressed current cathodic protection.
  • Application: steels and alloys in aerated water, observation of potentials, electrical current and polarization.
Coating and cathodic protection 0.5 jour
  • Stray current and electrical bounding.
  • Cathodic protection as a supplement for coating systems.
  • Devices for electrical isolation of the system.
  • Risk of disbonding.
Design 0.5 jour
  • Factors that influence the selection of cathodic protection systems.
  • Electric current intensity and flow.
  • Anodic resistance and soil resistivity.
  • Application: calculation of anode mass and anode distribution.
Performance monitoring 1.25 jours
  • Field potential measurement.
  • Monitoring in sea water and in soil.
  • Interpretation of subcontractor monitoring records.
  • Sources of stray-currents.
  • Norms and standards (EN 15257).
  • Application: potential measurements at a drainage point on a pipeline, study of monitoring records.