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E-457 - Basic Hydraulic Fracturing

  • Drilling, completion or production engineers, supervisors, laboratory staff, not specialized in wellbore treatment
  • To provide a comprehensive overview of hydraulic fracturing operations
  • To identify the impact of fracturing parameters on well productivity
  • To grasp the essence of hydraulic fracturing
  • To learn about materials, equipment and procedures used for fracturing
  • To design hydraulic fracturing operations
  • To measure the success of these operations
Les + pédagogiques
  • Movie
  • Exercises
See also the course “Wellbore Treatments” (E-455)

Introduction to hydraulic fracturing 0.5 jour
  • Productivity index, skin effect, flow efficiency
  • Damage in the formation and in the pack
  • Candidate selection
Description of the process 0.5 jour
  • In situ stress, fracture orientation and fracture propagation
  • Different types of pressures: net pressure, tortuosity, friction
  • Fluid leak-off, slurry efficiency, dimensionless fracture conductivity
Fracturing fluids, proppants and fracture conductivity 1 jour
  • Types of fracturing fluids
  • Types of proppants
  • Fluid and proppant selection
Input and fracture design 1 jour
  • Requirement for fracture design
  • Fracture growth analysis
  • Hydraulic fracturing models
Equipment and placement techniques 1 jour
  • Surface pumping equipment
  • Placement techniques in vertical and horizontal wells
  • Planning and executing operation
Flow back, fracture mapping and post-job analysis 0.5 jour
  • Flow back techniques: wellhead isolation tool, frac valve
  • Mapping: well test, tracer and micro-seismic
  • Post-job evaluation
Quiz, assessment and feedback 0.5 jour