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Base Chemicals & Polymers Manufacturing*

80 jours PCH/PPM
  • Engineers interested in a foundation training on polymers.
  • * This program is the second part of a 16-month Master degree program at IFP school. It is highly recommended that participants be familiar with topics covered in the course "Applied Chemical Engineering for the Refining and Petrochemical Industries" (refer to GCA/ACE).
  • To provide a comprehensive understanding of and practical expertise in monomer manufacturing, polymerization processes, storage and transport of products, with attention to environmental, safety, quality and economic issues.
  • To participate in studies involving the design, sizing and economics of processes used in the refining, petrochemicals, polymers and plastics sectors.
  • To acquire the know-how for a position in production.
  • To acquire a thorough knowledge of industrial incidents and related safety and environmental issues.
  • To grasp the essence of the collaboration between R&D and Production departments.
  • To analyze the quality of manufactured products.
  • To understand the relations between suppliers and manufacturers in the plastic's chain.
Les + pédagogiques
  • Case studies based on industrial situations.
  • Visits to industrial sites.
Locations: Rueil-Malmaison (Paris) Ferrare (Italy) Alençon (France)

Base chemicals and monomers manufacturing 11 jours
  • First and second generation monomers.
  • Chemical reaction fundamentals, description of industrial units, operating parameters, purification, polymer grades.
  • Technical visit of an industrial plant (if possible).
Chemical engineering and basics for polymerization 21 jours
  • Macromolecular chemistry fundamentals, polymer structure, conformation and properties, characterization methods.
  • Polymers derived from the main monomers.
  • Chemistry of polymerization. Rheology. Chemical engineering of non-Newtonian viscous media.
  • Different types of industrial processes (batch or continuous polymerization).
Polymer manufacturing 5 jours
  • Main polymerization reactions and processes, unit description, main operating parameters, technical evolution of processes, troubleshooting, main producers, market trends, economics.
  • Overview of polymer processes.
  • Technical visit of an industrial plant (if possible).
From innovation to industrial reality 10 jours
  • A period of two weeks in Italy is organized with lectures, case studies and plant visits.
  • Development of a product (PP) and associated process, main characteristics of PP, industrial manufacturing process, main relations between the operating parameters and final characteristics of the product.
Risk management 6 jours
  • Methodology for organizing a sustainably safe and clean operation of a petrochemical plant.
  • Reaction run-away and run-away prevention, powder explosions. How to handle toxic chemicals.
  • Life cycle analysis of products.
Technical and economic study 12 jours
  • General economics, competitor analysis, benchmarking.
  • Conceptual study of a new petrochemical plant project.
Overview of polymer processing(1) 15 jours
  • Structure of polymer processing industry.
  • Various processing technologies.
  • Optimum technico-economical selection of material during final product development.
  • Resin specifications, process control and quality control.
  • (1) 5 days are spent at the “Institut Supérieur de la Plasturgie”, in Alençon - France (ISPA).
Calendrier des formations 2016
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29 Fév - 21 Juin Rueil 18 500 € En ligne Par email